Albatross is a Sibyl in service of the god Appora. He is the oldest currently serving Sibyl of any order, as well as the first and still only fully synthetic individual to be selected as a Sibyl.

Albatross's selection as a Sibyl more than 800 years ago was a source of great controversy for the Fleet of Appora and the Octatheistic churches more broadly. Governments, treaty organizations, and other entities that had once allowed the Fleet to pass through their space freely forbade it from even nearing their territory. Many of those same entities turned hostile or at least cold towards the whole Octatheon.

Though AI had always been present in Octatheistic communities, especially in the ships of Apporans, Albatross's selection as a Sibyl was a turning point for the attitudes of Octatheists towards AI. Ultimately, not only the Fleet, but all the churches would rally around the synthetic Sibyl, and all of his kind.

Centuries later, much of that controversy has faded and Albatross remains a trusted advisor to younger Apporan captains and sailors, a reliable ally to other Octatheists, and a stalwart servant of Appora. On several occasions he has been elected to the position of Holy Admiral, only to turn down the post.